Establishing Lumaki Labs’ “Look & Feel”

Lumaki Labs, 2020 | Brand design & landing page



Elements of Brand Design

Brand Identity

  • Dependable & down to earth
  • Sleek, clean, & innovative
  • Friendly & fun

Colour Palette

Lumaki Labs Colour Palette

The dark greys are a staple for us as the “dark mode” look of our website and platform attributes to our sleek, clean design.

The variations of teal and green help balance out the dark greys to add some “fun”. We like to use blob-like shapes when using these more playful colours. (In the future we do want to expand our colour palette more to find additional complementary colours)


Lumaki Labs Logos

I chose the typography seen on the logo based on the playful yet sleek vibe it gives off. For the leaf in our logo, it symbolizes growth. As a company, our goal is to ultimately help students grow through real-work experiences. I created the leaf with minimal detail to match the rest of the branding and typography.

“Lumaki” means “to grow” in Tagalog

Landing Page

The Process

Research → Wireframe → Mock-up → Copy

I started off by looking at examples of popular landing pages and learning about what made them effective. This helped me understand where to position buttons and how to structure the page. It also helped me realize what types of CTAs (calls-to-action) were needed. For example, for most SaaS company, things like having a “Demo” button were key and having a proper contact form.

The next step entailed actually designing. I wireframed the layout of the site on my iPad then moved into Figma to create mock-ups. Once I saw the colours and sections come to life in Figma, I realized the site didn’t showcase as much of our company’s personality as I would have liked. This led me to the wonderful world of design resources where I used unDraw to add characters to the landing page design. This really helped liven up our landing page and evoke a sense of personality and teamwork when looking at the site.

Screenshot of my Figma mock-up for the landing page

One of the most difficult parts about a landing page can be the actual copy (text) on the page however, what helped us was thinking through our mission, vision, and values along with understanding the type of tone we wanted to have. Since we cater to both student and employer audience, we wanted to strike a balance between professional/formal speak and more playful/informal speak.

Reflection & Key Learnings

  • Your brand is not static, it will grow and evolve over time (plus, it isn’t uncommon for companies to revamp their design or rebrand)
  • Branding is about being intentional. Intentional about your company’s goals. Intentional about how you want your users to feel., etc.
  • Have fun with it and don’t stress about perfection. Again, brands update or change their designs all the time, have fun with your branding and experiment with new trends and styles.
  • Get feedback on your copy (the text on your site). Make sure that it speaks to the audience you’re targeting.
Lumaki Labs Landing Page

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